Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bella turns '1' and Kindergarten Graduation.....

It's hard to believe that our oldest has graduated from Kindergarten and our baby girl has turned '1'.....and lets not forget we have ALL moved into a 5th wheel in a new town and Todd has started a new job........ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!!!!  We like it CRAZY people!!
After several months without a job and lots of prayers, Todd received a job offer from the US Army Corps of Engineers at Blakely Dam and Power Plant just outside of Hot Springs, AR.  This job is more of a career change than just a job.  We are very excited about this opportunity (although sad about leaving Murfreesboro).  However, we do have a house in Murfreesboro that we need to sell.  So, after much prayer, research, searching, and more prayer, we decided to purchase a 5th wheel to live in until we sell our house and find a new one here in Hot Springs.  We realize that most people find this idea a bit crazy since we are a family of 5 with 2 dogs and a cat, but we're looking at it as an adventure!!!
Todd started work on May 19.  Blaine graduated from Kindergarten on May 20, and Bella turned 1 on May 22!  It was a busy week!!!
Blaine had a GREAT year of Kindergarten with excellent teachers.  He excelled in all areas.....making all A's in all 4 grading periods!  He is reading well and has impeccable handwriting.
Bella also had her 1 year check up on May 23.  She weighed in at 21 lbs. and was almost 28 in. short!  She loves to eat ANYTHING, talks up a storm (mama, dada, book, up, bite please, thank you, dog...), LOVES books more than any one year old I've ever known, and absolutely refuses to walk!!  She is sweet and loving and quite dramatic.
Bryce also finished up his first year of pre-school (2 days a week).  He had a good year, and I received only compliments from his wonderful teachers.  They were sad that he wouldn't be coming back next year!
Todd has enjoyed his first two weeks of work.  He is looking forward to a summer full of training and learning lots of new things.
The kids and I have managed our days alone (for the first time in 4 years) just fine.  We are looking forward to a summer full of swimming, trips to magic springs, shopping, trips to the library, and anything else we can find to get into!
I will leave you with pictures from Blaine's graduation and Bella's 1st birthday party!

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